“Welcome to Mizzou, Here’s Your Helmet…..”

Yes, This is True:  On February 2nd, Missouri’s Western District Court of Appeals ruled that employees of the University of Missouri System, including faculty, can bring guns to campus, but they do NOT have the right to fire those weapons there.  

At first glance, the logic of this decision might seem questionable.  However, the Court notes in an addendum that “our decision does not prohibit employees from using a gun to pistol-whip miscreants.  Indeed, given the annoying behavior of so many college students these days, the Court strongly encourages faculty members to use firearms in this way whenever issuing reprimands in face-to-face classes.  There are times when a bloodied forehead or a broken nose can be much more powerful than a lecture in sending a vital educational message to everyone in the room.”

Lest we forget, Missouri is the Show-Me State, not the Coddle-Me State.