Not Ready for Prime Sign….?

Sometimes it’s just hard to find a middle ground.

True Story:  Last week the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) removed a sign celebrating Gay Pride Month from outside its campus library.  The sign’s message: Being gay is like glitter.  It never goes away. — Lady Gaga.

University Life has learned that this action followed weeks of negotiation between UCA and gay-rights advocates that had ended in a stalemate.  According to a high-level administrator at the school, UCA had proposed an alternative Gay Pride sign for the library: Being gay is evil. You’ll go to hell for sure. — God.  A second alternative put forward by UCA: Gay? No way!

The administrator maintains that “the gay-rights advocates were not willing to compromise, so that left us no choice.  We had to move the sign.  This is Conway, Arkansas, for Pete’s sake!  We’re not a major metropolis like Little Rock or Fayetteville, where nobody thinks twice about wearing a rainbow bandana in public.”

The original sign now resides in front of a 24-hour convenience store on U.S. Highway 71 in De Queen, Arkansas, a town in the state’s southwestern, far-left corner.  “We thought this location would be a much better fit,” the administrator claims.  “The store’s beef jerky aisle also serves as a satellite campus for our MBA program, so at least some UCA students will see the sign when they come to class.”  

Not a perfect solution, to be sure.  But it’s a beginning.