Really, It DOES Make Sense….

TRUE FACT #1:  On August 6th, Louisiana State University’s beloved tiger mascot, Mike VII, received his second COVID-19 vaccination (LSU Media Center, August 9th).

TRUE FACT #2:  As of August 9th, only 36% of LSU students had been vaccinated.  The school has not taken the step of requiring its students to get vaccinated against COVID-19 (Chronicle of Higher Education, August 12th online).  

According to LSU officials, Mike VII was not given the option of declining the vaccine.  


“This was an executive decision,” claims a high-level LSU administrator who wishes to remain anonymous.  “Let’s face it, the cost of replacing a full-grown Bengal-Siberian tiger that’s been felled by COVID can approach $20,000, not including transportation fees.  And the last thing our university needs on social media right now is pirated photos showing Mike VII stretched out on a gurney with a ventilator mask covering his snout.  The optics are horrific.

“On the other hand, we have a long waiting list of community college students who would be happy to sacrifice a limb to transfer to LSU.  So, even if a few of our current unvaccinated students have to drop out for a semester to recover from COVID, we can replace them in less time than it takes for a freshman from New Iberia to guzzle a gallon of Planter’s Punch at a fraternity party on homecoming weekend.

“Do the math, and tell me if I’m wrong.”

University Life did the math.

He’s right.