If They Give You a Lemon…..

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported on a whistleblower’s lawsuit that claims the Business School at Rutgers University “created fake jobs for grads to lift its rankings” (April 8th online).  

In response, Rutgers will publish the following full-page ad in the next issue of the Chronicle:

“Success in the business world requires imagination and creativity.  Telling the truth requires no imagination or creativity.  Anyone can do it.  In fact, telling the truth is often an obstacle to imagination and creativity.

“In the Rutgers MBA program, we’ll teach you how to craft falsehoods with confidence.  The skills you’ll learn in prevarication, deceit, obfuscation, and misdirection will help ensure that your business career will be traveled in the express lane on capitalism’s superhighway, not on the rutted, litter-strewn back roads of truth-telling mediocrity.

“We’re the Rutgers Business School.

“Ranked #1 in fraud by U. S. News & World Report.

“Come lie with us.

“Let’s face it, is there any other reason to spend time in New Jersey?”

Sometimes, you just have to tip your hat and say, “job well done.”